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Tensar International is part of Tensar Corporation, a leading global developer and manufacturer of proprietary, highly engineered, non-traditional site-development solutions for infrastructure end-markets, including transportation, commercial and industrial construction.

Tensar provides its customers with an integrated suite of innovative products, technologies and application expertise for a wide variety of end uses, including high performance roadways, earth retention structures, building foundations and erosion and sediment control. 

Our solutions and systems are based on the characteristic properties of Tensar geogrids. Tensar’s high-performance range of innovative geogrids has been continuously developed since being introduced in the 1970s as the first geosynthetic products of their type. Geogrids are available locally either through our direct selling offices or through our global network of knowledgeable distributors, backed by our regional technical support staff.

In 2007, Tensar launched TriAx® a new geogrid which Tensar believes offers superior performance in multi-directional stiffness and aggregate confinement, which enables better radial load resistance, resulting in a reduction in aggregate base thickness and improved resistance to rutting.

The company also offers a comprehensive design service, technical seminars and on-site support, as part of a range of support services.

Tensar International Corporation was formed from the merger of Tensar Earth Technologies and Tensar International Limited. The combined expertise and global production capacity has created a market-leading organization with unrivalled international coverage.

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Tensar Triax geogrid installation
"Tensar has a global network of company sales personnel and distributors backed up by experienced regional Tensar technical support."